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Tikuret Lesetoc Ena Lehitsanat Maheber (TLLM)

TLLM is one of the indigenous, non-profit, non-religious organizations that work on women and children in Ethiopia. It was established in 2007 as a local NGO with strong initiative of a young woman to address the dire social, economical and health situation of children and women. TLLM is certified by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice, Charities and Societies Agency.

TLLM executes all its programs and operations based on the clearly articulated constitution in which the General Assembly vested with supreme power on every matters of the association. The assembly assigned 5 executive boards of directors who formulate the programs, policies and procedures of the organization. The board in turn assigns the executive director who is responsible for the day to day operations and acting as contact person. The program coordinators as well as other project and administrative staff assist the director in looking after various programs/projects of the organization.

Besides, the organization has a well-established financial system and carrying out all financial transactions as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Financial Manual of the organization. All relevant financial vouchers has prepared and put in use. The system also annually examine by legally registered and certified external auditors. As far as the human resource aspect of the organization is concerned TLLM is equipped with qualified and well experienced project and administrative staffs. These include the executive director, the program coordinator, the finance and administrative head, accountant, cashier and secretary.

EFDR president w/r Sahlework zewde visiting Tikuret Lesetoch Ena Lehitsanat Mahiber for the first time….which bring hope and light to our organization…we thank you in the name of children’s we serve for your kind heart

TLLM Children’s invited for the celebration of New year by the EFDR president w/r Sahlework zewde