Fund Raising

Tikuret Lesetoch Ena Lehistana Mahiber (TLLM) is an indigenous NGO established in 2007 targeting destitute women and OVCs to exert utmost effort so that lasting positive change will be created. TLLM cares for abandoned babies/children, orphans and deprived women through its program in Addis Ababa, SNNPR, Gambella and Oromiya Regions. Along its 10 years journey TLLM has performed incredible achievements that honors the interest of funding agencies, government, groups and individuals. TLLM is strengthening its effort to continue its commitment through collaboration and support of the stakeholders and those giving hands that includes yours. It reaches to its higher level of recognition by all partners including the Federal and Regional Government of Ethiopia.

As a result TLLM is awarded a regional bid to receive an abandoned orphanage along with 14 orphans aged 9- 19 years old without any attendant presented by Charities and Societies Agency of Ethiopia. When TLLM received the orphanage, the situation of both the institution and the children was so worst. IT WAS LIKE, “A GROUP OF SHEEPS LEFT IN ARID DESSERT WITHOUT A SHEPRED”. Though the condition is so hard to handle without a planned budget, TLLM is able to provide them with basic needs and secured environment for the time being. This and other many reasons forced TLLM to forward its appeal to all of you so that we could reach these needy children and save their lives.

Program components and Achievements (2017/2018)

1. Empowering and Strengthening Destitute Women and Children

Child Care Support

  • Institutional care,
  • Health components-medical screening, sick care, etc.
  • Nutrition,
  • Children with special need, and HIV positive,
  • Drop in Center,
  • Adoption,
  • Foster care service,
  • Education for school aged children
  • Celebration and holiday festivals


  • Non formal education (destitute women)
  • Saving/IGA
  • Upgrading school education project
  • Education for school age children
  • Agriculture scheme.

2. General STD and HIV/AIDS Alleviation Program

  • Peer education
  • Sensitization and awareness raising activities,
  • Production & distribution of IEC/BCC materials,
  • Condom distribution
  • VCT, Care & Support activities
  • Referral linkage for HIV/AIDS and STI related cases with public health facilities.

Request for 2018 and 2019

TLLM would like to share its concern with you in regard to the challenge we had been facing in 2018 and 2019.

  • Cessation of partnership with donor – e.g. we will completely discontinue our partnership with Gladney Adoption Center
  • Fluctuation of commodity price; food, fuel, utility that directly affect house rent, salary, etc…
  • Pressure to receive more children to the center that calls for more commodity expense, staff, medical care, etc…
  • Social and Women Affair Office, Police and Local District Offices always weigh TLLM to accept abandoned and orphaned children. Though this condition satisfy the mission for we are standing, the burden that TLLM shouldered were too heavy without budget fulfilling the need become hard.
  • Extra expense during budget adjustment – when there is budget problem the center will be forced to cut down the number of staff, which in return asks termination expense according to Ethiopian Labor Law for the dismissed staffs.
  • Unsteady Communication means – to communicate with offices, donors & partners (in and outside country), doctors and families is becoming more expensive to the center.

Sebeta Orphanage

Though winning the bid to takeover Sebeta Orphanage is the award that TLLM gain as a result of effective achievement history, transparency and trust by stakeholders including government,

  • Unavailability of stable budget to run the orphanage obscures us from developing workable plan for the coming fiscal year.
  • Since we were unable to secure Bridging Fund, which is about 40,000 USD for year 2018 and 2019 only for those 14 children, sharing the existing center’s expense won’t be the answer.
  • Securing the existing debt; the unpaid salary and termination cost for already discharged staffs which is about 20,000 USD,
  • The need for special attention to some of the children in the orphanage due to their age (teenagers) and medical status (HIV positive). Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), life skill and counseling are among the various activities needed to be implemented. And this the area of concern when we are dealing with older orphans.
  • The premises of the orphanage invites for various Economic Strengthening program development. TLLM calls for any workable ideas and comment so that the sustainability of support is granted. This might not be the immediate concern, however, considering the possibility is important.

Dear Partners,

It is known that your supports were saving the lives of these abandoned children whose fate is in our hand. Your support and kindness gives us strength to hold any difficulties for this we always praise the LORD to be at your side and your loved ones when you raise your hand to support these helpless children It could not be forgotten the financial crisis that TLLM had been facing in 2018 due to budget cut off by some donors. However the shortage was secured by all of you. We always remember the donation by Mr. David and his family that has grasped us on time.