Profile of the Founder

An accomplished and energetic leader, Sr. Asayecg Yirga is the founder and executive director of TLLM. In her capacity as nationally certified/licensed Senior Nurse and as executive director of TLLM, she draws on more than 12 years of rich experience in her career. Sr. Asayech Yirga was born in Ethiopia.

She completed her elementary and high school education in Akaki Adventist School. She subsequently joined Addis Ababa University in 1995. However, she shortly suspended her study of Sociology and joined Black Lion Central Nursing School to realize her interest in medical career and obtained a Diploma in Nursing in 1997. She is currently advancing her study in Sociology at the University of Jimma as an augment to her current career. Before joining TLLM, Sr. Asayech has previously served in various governmental, NGOs and Charity organizations in Ethiopia on a number of responsible and leader positions. She has particularly worked on a house-to-house support project implemented by one of charity organizations working on prevention of HIV/AIDS in Nefas Selk Lafto subcity in Addis Ababa as Supervisor and Trainer Nurse. It was during this period of her dedicated community service in this area that she gained tremendous understanding about the hurdles of destitute women and children in the community and conceived the significance of establishing TLLM. She also aspired and took the initiative to contribute to the efforts made to avert the pain of a number of children and mothers due to HIV/AIDS and poverty in Ethiopia at large.

Currently, hundreds of impoverished children and women in the community are beneficiary of TLLM in Addis Ababa, sebeta (wollete) and Hawassa areas in Sidama Zone.

Sr. Asayech is admirably loyal and devout in her character. She is uniquely charitable, equitable and keen to the destitute. Her personality of delight in helping and assisting others began gleaming and mounting during the adolescence age of her high school and Nursing College life. She was passionate in giving offerings and teaching the youth and children in the Church. Currently, Sr. Asayech lives alone with her two gorgeous sons in a rented house in Addis Ababa. More exceptionally, before the establishment of TLLM, it was witnessed to the extent that she cared and supported severe orphaned and abandoned children with her own expense by providing food, clothes and housing in her rented private residence.

Sr. Asayech has already proved herself as a creative thinker and reliable women in the community. She immensely strived to expand TLLM to the level of its wide range of services and future prospective as it is today. She has been made motivated and given appreciation by different government and non-government bodies for her active performance in the community through TLLM. Currently, hundreds of impoverished children and women in the community are beneficiary of TLLM in both Addis Ababa and Hawassa areas in Sidama Zone. She envisions heightening TLLM to participate in various significant development programs in the next two years. Sr. Asayech deserves the necessary official support from all helpful individuals and institutions for the outstanding activities she is running in the target community in Ethiopia.

Currently, Sr. Asayech lives alone with her three gorgeous sons in a rented house in Addis Ababa. In order to familiarize the importance of local adoption, she has played an exemplary role in adopting a boy from the Child Care Centre.